Introducing The Saviour's Chapel international

The Saviour's Chapel international incorporated is a pioneer Pentecostal Gospel - Oriented church established and firmly rooted  in Akute Community in Ogun State. Most of the Pentecostal churches that came before could not stand their ground due to the diabolical and spiritual attacks they faced. THE SAVIOUR'S CHAPEL INT'L going stronger and stronger spiritually and numerically in spite of the initial pressure and attacks it was subjected.  

Mission and Goals of The Ministry

 1.     To expose our members to salvation, divine protection, divine provision,  divine health, etc.

2.    To Preach the word of God and bring people into the membership of God's larger family
3.    To teach the word of God, to enhance freedom, promote christian maturity and the build the people of God for service.

4.    To cater for the spiritual and physical well-being of our members.

5.    To produce, through the transforming power of God's word, a congregation of Christians that is heaven bound and highly spiritual.

6.    To make heaven