The Glorious Voices(Choir)

The choir also known as the glorious voices is the music ministry of the church. Our inhabits the praises of his people. With Praise and Worship, this department brings down the hands of God. We believe Music is a powerful tool as it contributes greatly to a wonderful Service experience filled with the presence of the Most high GOD 

The Evangelism Team

The Evangelism Department of the church is saddled with act of spreading the gospel to the world with the aim of winning more souls to God's kingdom (Matthew 28 vs 19, Luke 24 vs 47)

Welcome Group

The Welcome Group of the Church makes a fellowship of First time worshipers and ensure they become part of the family.

Teens Ministry

The Teens Ministry is a special department in the church that is pro founded to avail teenagers (age 12-18) the opportunity to discover, utilize and maximize their God given purpose. In the teens Ministry, every Teenager is a potential Star.

Welfare Team

The Welfare Ministry of the Saviour's Chapel international caters for the needy spiritually and material. At the welfare ministry, we ensure that none of our members go to bed without food. The ministry by Gods grace provides mainly financial and material support to members of the  church who are in need 

The Ushers

The Ushering Department of The Saviour's Chapel International maintains orderliness in the church during every church service.

Finance Team

The finance department keep the funds of the church, make available church materials to enhance the smooth administration of the church. The keep accurate records of the church's income and expenditure. 

Prayer Band

This department is saddled with the responsibility of joining hands together to fight the host of darkness near and far.

House Fellowship

The house fellowship is the the extension of the church in a particular area or locality. it also forms the the nucleus of the church body where each members are closely nourished spiritually and physically . It is aimed at uniting the members and increasing the general unity of the church.

Daughters Of Abraham

Daughters of Abraham is made up of married women in The Saviour's Chapel International. Our mission is to raise godly women who will a blessing to their respective husbands, homes, families and the church of God. You want to be more virtuous, Join Us.


This is the news room of the church. This department is responsibly for effective conveyance of information to the church. The make avaialable messages available in form of audio, text and video to the members and the world at large. 

Sunday School

Sunday School is the center of our church's spiritual growth and membership development. This department grooms the members to be rooted in God's word and to be able to stand firmly against any challenge in their day to day life. The doctrine of the church is also learnt and ascertained in the Sunday school. we believe a sunday service is not complete without the Sunday school.


This department can be called Operation Barnabas (Acts 11 vs 25-26). The extent and frequency of follow ups shows how much we love our members and visitors 

Technical department

This department takes care of every technical gadgets used in the church.  it comprises of technically sound individuals who are committed to the smooth running of every church service.Sound and Power efficiency and maintenance is their core responsibility.


This department creates a good radiance and atmosphere in God's for a beautiful and befitting worship enviroment


This department sees to the protection of member's properties during every service. They maintain orderliness of the parking spots in the church and get every situation around them under control.

Children Ministry

This ministry is to focus on all the children within the ages of 2 to 16 years. These Children are put under matured, trained and God fearing teachers and workers. We believe our children are our tomorrow and thus they are given adequate attention 


This department sees to the cleanliness of the church because God's house must be kept clean for our God is Holy

The Youth Fellowship

At the Youth fellowship of the The Saviour's Chapel International, We are saddled with the mandate of excellence, integrity and purity. We impact and improves our lives through seminars, workshops, concerts and other special life changing programs. Its always a blessing being a part of us and we looking to seeing you around if you are a youth with a difference.